What to expect when you visit!

The farm is a place for relaxation and contemplation.  A working farm balancing (lavender) crop production and creating a magical landscape to explore.  See our events page for special events and classes to enhance your experience of the farm. Weather has a huge impact on the farm and our hours, please check this site before visiting.

Visiting the Farm.

  • Please note this is not a public park, no group activities including photo shoots, birthday parties, gatherings or large picnics will be accepted with out a paid reservation.
  • No pets are allowed on the farm and cannot be left in vehicles.
  • If you are accompanying children to the farm, they must stay close to you at all times.
  • Any actions that may harm plants or animals will not be permitted.
  • No picking plants or flowers outside of designated times and areas.
  • The use of butterfly nets, or other bug collection implements, as well as frisbees, or other toys/games that involve throwing anything are not permitted on the farm.
  • There is a no-smoking policy on the farm, this includes no vaping.
  • No alcohol is permitted (with the exception of permitted events).
  • For the comfort of other guests and the safety of wild animals NO FOOD can be left behind.

Thank you for your courtesy!

Get involved!
Volunteering is a great way to support the farm and learn about lavender care.  Email us for more information and to talk about scheduling.


We will not offer Pick Your Own this year.

Picking your own lavender is a highlight of visiting our farm during peak bloom in June through the second week in July.  Since bloom dates vary year to year, we post dates once we see the progress of the flowers.  Bunches are determined by the size of a twist-tie for $10 each.  Must be 12 years or older, and must be accompanied by a parent, not an appropriate activity for younger children.


About Our Bees

Sunny days fill the lavender with bees,  this may seem intimidating.  Not to worry—almost immediately you’ll see how bees are calmed by lavender just like we are! Moving with ease and refraining from swatting will keep them content and easygoing! Of course, if you have a bee allergy, take the necessary precautions.

We are excitedly awaiting the July honey harvest, Lavender Honey will be available by the end of July, you can pre-order by buying on our website.

Soleado Lavender Farm is open on weekends and select days seasonally. Our season runs May – July, closed during August, open again in September – November. All open dates are weather dependent, please check the website or call before you visit if there is any question about the weather.